Celebrating stories

When I left my "professional career" in Feb 2013, I thought it'd be a 3 month break. I announced that I was getting serious - coming out of the (writing) closet, and I haven't looked back.

In London (2013) I focused on going to writing events, readings, retreats, masterclasses and workshop groups. And starting a social media profile. I knew I needed a lot of work to sharpen up my prose and get my first collection of short stories ready, I mean finished. I've definitely made progress on the first one, and I'm closing in on the chase for the second.

When I returned to Melbourne in 2014, I introduced myself to the lovely folk at Writers Victoria and have been volunteering with them ever since. Doors are opening, or I'm giving them a little push, and the writing world here is as exciting, active and welcoming as it was in London. I'm thrilled to be in it.

My blog is about celebrating stories, and sometimes me just needing to tell you something. 

What you'll find in the category options:
Sitting in - I do try to get out and about to writing-related events, and then I like to share my experience of them.
Time out tracks are just that. Music, video, sometimes spoken word. 
What I Loved posts are about books, stories or other posts that I've read and must share, with some reasons why you should read them too.
Words Out is a series of interviews with writers in the cafes they like to work in. I'm making Melbourne's future literary map for tourists in the years to come.
Writing prompts are examples of my creative writing responding to a brief. 
E.g. 'Uh Oh' was the (winning) response to Write This Run's competition: share your most embarrassing running story. It's well and truly shared now, so I don't mind if you read it too.


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